Developing responsible Christian citizens for the future


Meet Cross and Crown’s Teachers & Staff

Passionate and Devoted

Cross and Crown’s teachers are passionate to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and to pass that passion on to their students.  This commitment to our Lord builds one of the strongest assets we possess at Cross and Crown… the devotion of our staff.  Because of this, there is very little turn over.  Most of our teachers have remained at CCLS for one or more decades.  They are passionate to help our students explore the world around us and The One who created it, utilizing a curriculum strong in academics and integrated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff members are all caring, compassionate, Christian individuals.  They are dedicated to developing your child’s optimum potential and yet are trained to be sensitive to individual needs.  Elementary teachers are credentialed California graduates, while our preschool and Jr. Kindergarten teachers all meet the California State educational requirements for teaching at the preschool level. 


Meet a few of our devoted teachers

Jean Bashi, Administrator
Miss. Mandy McCarthy, Preschool Director


Miss. Jennell Davies, (2's)
Miss. Marina Chidlowsky, (3's)
Miss. Cheryl Macche, Preschool Teacher
Miss. Debby Dunbar, (4's)
Miss. Mandy McCarthy, Jr. Kindergarten (5's)


Mrs. Marisa Hardina, Kindergarten/1st grade
Mrs. Amy Der, 2nd/3rd grade
Mrs. Jean Bashi, 4th/5thgrade