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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
1Are students required to wear a uniform?Multiple
2Are the teachers at CCLS credentialed?Teachers
3Do I have to be a Lutheran and/or a member of your Cross and Crown Lutheran church to send my student to CCLS?School
4Do parents have to complete volunteer service hours?Parents
5Does CCLS offer a hot lunch program?School
6Does CCLS participate in any national testing?School
7How can I find out more about CCLS?School
8How does your school differ from other private schools?School
9How is CCLS funded?School
10How is the school operated?School
11How much is tuition?School
12How often do your students attend chapel?Religion
13Is there before and after school child care available?Extended Care
14What is the admissions process for CCLS?No Category
15What is the average class size and ratio of faculty to students?School